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Your Guide to Different Vaping Devices

Your Guide to Different Vaping Devices

Your Guide to Different Vaping Devices

Vaping is the world’s latest trend because there are so many benefits. In fact, many believe vaping will move from trend to outright staple – a new way of smoking nicotine, CBD and/or THC. If you are not sure about what vaping devices are right for you, or appropriate for specific products, don’t stress. This mini-guide to the different vaping devices on the market are sure to help.

Vaping devices were invented for many reasons. Different devices reflect personal style or help users gain anonymity when vaping. Some devices are created purely for fashionable reasons while other vaping devices are designed to help users who are stuck in offices all day maintain a long-term charge that will last throughout their employment shift. Regardless of the reason, there are vaping devices to meet every needs and in every single price point.

There are six basic types of vaping devices. They are e-cigs, e-hookas, hookah pens, vapes, vape pens, and mods. The mods are strong and usually they are customizable. Then there is the DISC and the DISQ, two hybrid and innovative ways to vape nicotine and to vape CBD / THC and without the breaking the budget.

E-cigs gained popularity about ten years ago and have evolved, but the premise remains the same. E-cigs are pretty comparable to smoking a cigarette. These products typically have three components to them. E-cigs have a battery, a heating element and a place to hold the vape liquid. E-cigarettes produce an aerosol by heating a liquid that usually contains nicotine. Like smoking a cigarette, users inhale the nicotine flavored aerosol. E-hookas work pretty much on the same concept only the devices are much larger and are not that convenient for daily use. People who prefer e-hookas tend to only vape and use them at large social gatherings. With COVID-19 spreading across the world, the popularity of this vaping device has significantly declined.

Traditional vapes and vape pens are still popular and easy to use. Vape pens have two components and are very compact. They have a battery and a cartridge and are designed to be discreet. People tend to use vape pens when they are working with the public and don’t want to be discovered with a lot of vaporized aerosol being released into the air. The down side is the battery lifespan is typically short lived and these devices require a longer heat up time.

More popular are items called Mod devices. A mod device is a powerful way to vape. People often compare this like going from smoking a cigarette to smoking two cigars at once. They have larger batteries, more capacity for vape juice and the heating elements are almost super-charged.  These devices tend to be a bit more expansive, but many people prefer them because of the quality and the quantity they represent. However, given the demand for this market and ever-expanding retail products within it, consumers do need to be careful when considering buying a vape mod device. There are a lot of cheap products out there and there are a lot of copy-cat companies, too. You don’t want to invest in a powerful mod device only to get it home and realize it doesn’t have a heating element that is any different than a vape pen, or – worst of all- it simply works one or two times due to quality issues and then the mod is done. Doing your research is the best way to circumvent any of these issues and challenges.

One of the better products out there, that fall in the vape mod / vape pod category is the DISC out of Canada. People seem to like this product for many reasons. The size, the longevity of the battery, the capacity for juice, and the price point are all real factors why people select this.

The DISC is simply for nicotine use, but the flavors also offer a zero percent nicotine option for those seeking to vape as a way to quit a dependence on nicotine all together.  The DISC comes in eight flavors, Tobacco, Berry, Mint, Peach, Dragon Mint, Cool Mint, Cocoa Chocolate, Lychee and with 5, 2 and 0 percent options when it comes to nicotine concentration. The DISC’s alternative product line, DISQ, is the same concept but this model was meant for those who like to vape THC or CBD products. The flavors offered for the DISQ are Response Chill, Response Energy, Response Relax, Response Sleep.

When you are looking to exploring vaping devices, being able to look being fashion or price point really will pay off in the end.  Figuring out what a product’s rating is and the type of product you want based on  lifestyle need is a good starting point. Remember, when shopping for different vape products you need to considered the rule of if it looks too good to be true then it probably is. A product that may normally sell on other websites for, as an example, thirty dollars shouldn’t be sold on a specific website for ten dollars. If it is, the chances of it being a cheap rip-off are very high.

Some people think the bigger the product, the more concentrated the puff will be. In some case this is true, but not always. Yes, Mods and Pods will always be more concentrated when compared to products like e-cig vapes. However, e-cig vapes and e-cig hookas sometimes can omit the same puff concentration rate. Again, research is key when buying different types of vape products.

When exploring vape products, you want to ask yourself if big clouds of smoke are important to you. Some people may like the concentration and long battery life of a product like the DISC or DISQ. However, some people really want the big cloud effect, which isn’t possible with those two products. There are contests online, even YouTube videos, dedicated to making art- like the shape of dragons, with vape smoke. Even some cigar smokers who start vaping like the idea of making rings with their vape smoke. What product you buy and how much vaporized smoke it makes can determine which vape product is best for your lifestyle preference. Mods and pods typically don’t omit these vaporized smoke clouds because they are more for discreet use.

Vape pod kits are the most popular product line within the vape market. For novice and experienced users, the vape pods simply offer a lot of lifestyle features and functionality for today’s busy person. Vape pods typically appeal to anyone’s budget and they are convenient to use. They are powerful products that have longevity with the battery back.

One other reason to explore different types of vape products is what the industry has termed as “throat hit “element, which is especially important for nicotine users.  Vape pens and vape hookahs have a different impact on the throat upon puff versus a vape pod according to many people. Usually this sensation is due to the amount of nicotine in the vape juice and how it is heated up- basically in which type of vape product and determined by that product’s heating element. Some people swear there is no difference between products and the “throat hit” but really this is a personal preference since we are all different.

It is important not to be intimidated when you do decided to either start vaping or try a new vape product. Again, this mini-guide serves as a direct over view of the general types of products available on the market, but everything is subjective based on each person’s lifestyle and goal. Some people like to vape non-nicotine juice to make different shapes with the vaporized smoke. Some people are weekend vapors who like a little TCH or CBD at a vaping party and would prefer to share an e-hookah and other people like to use a discreet vape device several times a day while at work. Remember, there are so many products on the market that there is truly something for everyone and at every price point.

Read reviews on vape brands once you have determined the type of vape product you like and want to buy.  Make sure there is a number to reach customer service should there be any issue with your product’s arrival or use. And, if there is no phone number, there should be an alternative way to contact the company selling the vape product. A company that isn’t interested in you contacting them with a question or concern is not worth your time and money as a customer.  This is simply business 101.

Last, don’t try just one type of vape product and get stuck. There are so many types of vape products available for purchase that exploring them all is worth the effort. You may surprise yourself and find that a vape product you thought would not work for you is actually the best product to match your budget needs and lifestyle.

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