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Sponsored Guest Posts Guidelines

Sponsored Guest Posts Guidelines

We accept sponsored guest posts on almost all topics. To get your article published in our magazine, it is important that you follow the below guest post submission guidelines. Articles that fail to comply with the below guidelines will not be published. We charge a £500 administrative fee for publishing your article.

Article Length: your article must be at least 1,500 words long.

Article Uniqueness: your article must be 100% unique and non-plagiarised.

Article Grammar: all articles must be written in flawless English without any typographical errors.

Article Formatting: articles must use H1 to H4 headings and proper paragraphs and formatting.

Informative Article: your article must be informative and written by way of a guide and not a marketing spiel.

One Backlink: please only add one backlink to your target site. Do not add more than 1 backlink.

Interesting Topic: choose an interesting and trending topic. We will not publish low-quality articles driven by your SEO keywords.

Custom Graphics or Stock Images: you must add quality images to your article.

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