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10% less carbon pollution

10:10 New Zealand is a simple, strong idea: we commit to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% over the next 12 months.  We can start at home, at work and in travel choices.

The 10% is tangible, easily achievable and can be measured (links in blog below to three free carbon calculators)  Sign up now - click the box at the right - tell your mates, then measure your emissions from the last 12 months and set a target for reductions over the  next 12.  Thanks to the hundreds who joined in NZ events on Sunday 10-10-10 - see global site blog for Christchurch photos.
10% reduction is a practical first year action towards bolder targets as we gather skills and technology.

It will give the chance of a safer future for next generations. We need to get carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere back down from 390 closer to 350 parts per million of CO2 equivalent, to limit warming effects on seas, polar ice and resulting weather instability. (For why the figure350 is so significant see www.350.org.nz .)

For most people, a 10% reduction is a fairly easy first step.  Achieve it by actions like insulating above your ceilings and below wooden floors, car sharing to & from work on a few days a week, or cycling instead of driving alone, by flying abroad less often, switching off electrical equipment overnight and changing the most-often used light bulbs to CFLs. Information that's available here will help you, but your first 10% is really not a major lifestyle change, just an improvement for you and the Planet!

Signing up to 10:10 makes our individual efforts meaningful, by ensuring that lots of people and organisations in NZ and globally, can unite behind a single simple pledge. Globally over 97,000 people are involved in 1010.

To get started, enter your details at the right to join-in. This adds you to our email list and registers your intentions and support. Then explore the information on this site and links on our contact page, news/events and across NZ in the blogs below.

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Global news round up


This week, we celebrate another Solar School's rig going up, share details on free home energy surveys as well as two places for a youth climate workshop in Denmark up for grabs.

Link with 350.org for 10:10:10

New UK Prime Minister makes 10:10 commitment

WWF backs 1010NZ

WWF-NZ (Worldwide Fund for Nature, New Zealand) has signed their organisation up to 1010NZ.  Peter Hardstaff, their climate change programme manager explains why:

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