posted by Nema

in Cyprus reduce energy to beat exorbitant electricity bills

Following the recent explosion of Cyprus' main power plant last July, citizens and businesses have been paying the price for their government's negligence (in addition to rising oil rates and 17% VAT charges) through their electricity bills.

People have been receiving bills that match, and in many cases exceed, their rental or mortgage payments - despite regulated power cuts and conscious personal efforts to heavily reduce their consumption.

"...The electricity authority, an effective monopoly, has often been accused of blocking real liberalisation of the energy market by refusing permission to alternative energy companies to connect to the grid who face overwhelming bureaucratic obstacles.."

Consumers, have been forming groups online through Facebook to voice their concerns, but also on a positive note sharing ideas for reducing energy consumption and come up with ways to ensure new energy sources are introduced.

The groups have also initiated a series of demonstrations, the first of which takes place, islandwide simultaneously, 29/2 12:30, outside the electricity authority offices in all towns...

Why not contribute to the facebook group by offering your comments, ideas and suggestions.