10:10 inspires and supports people and organisations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in a year.

Any individual, family, business or organisation can make the cuts - and by working together we can make a real difference.

Inside 10:10 Global

10:10 Global is powered by national coordinators around the world, advised and supported by a small team based in London.

Arnaud Hiltzer: France

Arnaud Hiltzer

Job title: Responsable 10:10 France

Actual job: I coordinate 10:10 France, organise events, meet up with businesses, people…
10:10er since: I’d heard about 10:10 before I was offered the job and became an active 10:10er in March 2011.
10:10 plan: Ride my bicycle!
Favourite 10:10er: Julika of course!
Guilty pleasure: I love travelling abroad which annoyingly sometimes involves flying
Best 10:10 moment: The day of my first business breakfast at the MEDEF, the French Union of Enterprises, where I realised just how engaged everyone was.
Background: I tried a number of things before I joined 10:10, such as working at a bank, spending two years in Australia, volunteering for a film on extreme sports and even managing Renault’s front shield recycling ;)


Wijnand Duyvendak: Netherlands

Wijnand Duyvendak

Job title: Klimaat optimist - projectleider 10:10, Amsterdam

Wat houd je werk in: Ik ben klimaat ‘campaigner’, geef lezingen en maak tv programma’s over klimaatverandering. Verder schrijf ik momenteel een boek over de klimaatcrisis.

10:10er sinds: 10 januari 2010. Toen hebben we dit initiatief in Nederland geintroduceerd

Hoe ga je zelf 10% besparen? We hebben thuis zonnepanelen op ons dak geinstalleerd.

Favoriete 10:10er: Jij! Iedereen die zich inschrijft en meedoet met de campagne

Heimelijk genoegen: Reizen naar de VS

Mooiste 10:10 moment: dat wordt zeker 10/10/10! Let maar op!


Sandra Antonovic: Balkan and Adriatic, Mediterranean, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia

Job title: 24 country hub manager, 10:10 hub, Zagreb, Croatia

Actual job: inspiring, connecting, organizing, fundraising, coordinating

10:10er since: joined as a 10:10 hub for 24 amazing countries in the end of May 2010.

Background: Sandra never did anything in a “usual way”. Just days after her high school graduation she embarked on a train to Rome, Italy, where she spent six months learning the language, working and figuring out what to do next. She contemplated for a while whether to study History of Art, and finally ended up in Paris, France, where she graduated in Corporate Finance (go figure!) Sandra has over 12 years of international experience in FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry and media. She worked in all Balkan countries and most of the South East and Central Europe. In 2003 she did her first consultancy on Feasibility Study on a can recycling depository in Poland, and that experience triggered her interest in the environment and sustainability. In 2007 a friend asked her to help with a small environmental project, and in 2008 followed a big four month financial consultancy on a feasibility study for waste management in Split County in Croatia. In 2009 she founded Nektarina non profit association, with a mission to create thought provoking projects and campaigns that address global issues concerning environment, health, children, women, and minorities. Following Sandra’s love for interactive use of media as a tool for social change, Nektarina uses media (new media in particular) to organize original action, share information, communicate with and educate people. In 2009 Nektarina became official tcktcktck partner, and participated in 350.org events, and Blog Action Day (Climate Change), and in 2010 Nektarina continued to work with tcktcktck and GCCA.


Katie Griggs: Germany

Job title: 10:10 Deutschland campaign director

Actual job: Building a successful 10:10 Campaign in Germany and leading a team of enthusiastic volunteers. 

10:10er since: March 2010

10:10 plan: Cycling more, eating far less meat, wearing thermal underwear and turning the heating down!

Favourite 10:10er: My husband (see 10:10 wedding!)

Guilty pleasure: Latte machiatos

Best & worst 10:10 moment: Stepping out on stage as Key Note Speaker at the Utopia Conference

Background: In need of some real life action whilst at UEA studying politics I got a job at Virgin finance and spent the next few years setting up the Virgin bank as well as attending the occasional party with Sir Richard. Leaving Norwich for the big smoke (via a year in Australia) I worked in marketing at BskyB where I gained a certificate in marketing. With the freshly printed certificate in hand I set up own marketing agency in London with various clients including creative Genii What If innovation and then in Sept 2006 I moved to Berlin to experience the city my grandmother had grown up in. Scroll forward a few years when a nasty/comedy accident gave me some time on my hands (excuse the pun) to look in to the solutions to climate change. Stumbled upon 10:10 and the rest is history. Oh, should I mention I once worked for a home shopping channel too?


Christian Weber: Spain

Christian WeberJob title: Coordinator of 10:10 Spain, based in Barcelona

Actual job: Looking for a job actually and trying to get the website done

10:10er since: July 2010

How I'm doing 10:10: I avoided flights to Germany by organizing my trips in advance. I travel by bike (or Metro) in Barcelona. Long-term, I'm also trying to develop art recycling skills, learn to make my own clothes...the three Rs! 

Favourite 10:10er: My turtle, can't get more sustainable than that! 

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate and Spanish "embutidos" 

Best 10:10 moment: Bicycle music festival for 10/10/10 

Background: I come from a social science background but studied afterwards a kind of MBA in Sustainable Development and CSR in Madrid. I ended up in Barcelona working for UNEP, 2 years ago. That job didn't continue long, but I had the luck to get to know 350. Through Philip Strong, the other soul of the Spanish HUB I engaged myself in a few projects and since then I've considered myself a climate activist! 


Rhys Taylor: New Zealand

Rhys Taylor

Job title: Voluntary 10:10NZ hub person, Christchurch, NZ

Actual job: Christchurch-based freelance community educator, project manager, photo-journalist and science researcher.

10:10er since: 2009

10:10 plan: Building an eco-house, flying less often, cycling when here in the city, eating less meat and growing more of my own food, choosing and testing energy-efficient appliances.

Favourite 10:10er: Fellow New Zealander Lizzie Gillett, for her tenacity in producing 'The Age of Stupid' movie!

Guilty pleasure: Having to drive, although in a shared car, to reach our organic vege garden and orchard in South Canterbury.
Best 10:10 moment: Realising that 10:10 is ready made for the urgent education and action needs in NZ, whilst we wait for politicians to catch up. This has saved re-inventing it! 

Background: Lincoln Masters Degree in natural resource management, experience in both UK and NZ of community development and education for environmental action, mostly within NGOs and alongside local government. Two recent research projects with Landcare Research Ltd on NZ futures and behaviour change. An accredited sustainability advisor to business and local government with The Natural Step NZ.  Contributor to Sustainable Living education programme (operates in 24 areas across NZ), to Sustainable Otautahi Christchurch Inc, Transition Town groups, home gardening education at Christchurch Botanic Gardens and writing a regular column for The Press newspaper.


Daniel Nemet: Hungary

Beosztás: 10:10 magyarországi projekt koordinátor

Amit valójában csinálok: A kampány első lépéseit valósítom meg Magyarországon, önkénteseket toborzok és remélem, hogy minnél több embert sikerül feliratni :)

10:10ező  vagyok:  Lélekben már régóta, de a kampányhoz csak 2010 májusában csatlakoztam.

10:10 terv: (hogyan csökkentek?) Kevesebbet repülök majd és hosszabb ideig maradok egyhelyben

Kedvenc 10:10ező: Julika a rendkívüli erőfeszítéseiért amivel más lelkes országoknak segít, hogy elkezdhessék a 10:10-et
Bünös élvezet: (sok CO2-kibocsátással) Szeretek utazni és emiatt gyakran repülök.

Háttér: Környezetmérnöki Bsc-t végeztem és most Környezetgazdász Msc hallgató vagyok. A British Councilnál voltam Klímanagykövet majd a Klímairoda Hálozat kiépítésében segédkezem. Emellett profi kajakos karriert görgetek magam előtt – néha mögött – és a legjobban bármilyen óceán, folyó vagy tó közelében érzem magam, ha sportot üzők rajta vagy ha csak a partján teszek hosszú sétákat.


Phoebe Cronk: Chile

Phoebe Cronk

Job title: Director of 10:10 Chile

Actual job: Working to set up 10:10 in Chile

10:10er since: May 2010, when I cut my teeth volunteering in London with the UK team

10:10 plan: Shopping for fresh seasonal produce at La Vega, the best fruit and veg market in Santiago (and saving lots of money in the process); changing the light bulbs in my house to energy-saving ones; not taking any short-haul flights – I use the great network of overnight buses to get around and explore Chile.

Favourite 10:10er: Everyone on the wonderful 1010 Chile team for putting up with me hosting all our meetings in Spanglish!

Guilty pleasure: Flying to Chile last year – two long, long flights to get here. Also, the odd plastic bottle of fizzy water – this year I’m buying a Soda Stream to carbonate my tap water (and save more money).

Best 10:10 moment: Filming the 10:10 Chile video checklist in Santiago with all our volunteers and my colleague's amazing family.

Background: After leaving university I spent four years working as a financial analyst in London. I first faced up to climate change when a friend invited me to attend a rally that raised awareness about the issue.

When I realised I didn’t know anything about it I swotted up quickly so I wouldn’t be left without anything to say. When the reality dawned on me about what we were facing I wondered how - if I ever have children - I’d be able to explain to them that I knew about climate change and what we were doing but didn’t try to do something about it.

It wasn’t long before I quit my job and set about fighting for the cause. I was introduced to 10:10 by the inspirational and funny emails I received from Franny Armstrong via the Age of Stupid mailing list. I fell completely in love with the idea because I saw how it offered simple, doable solutions, that involved everybody, and that really had the power to make a difference. I moved to Chile at the end of last year to learn Spanish and set up 10:10 Chile with the team at CO2 Neutral.


Bettina Fellow: Denmark

Bettina FellowJob title: Environmental Consultant

Actual job: Environmental Consultant

10:10er since: June 2010

How I'm doing 10:10: I work at 10:10 during my leisure time

Favourite 10:10er: My daughter Amanda

Guilty pleasure: I eat shrimps and meat, though I'm cutting down

Best/worst 10:10 moment: The launch of 10:10 Denmark was the best, no doubt!

Background: I am a biologist and have a Masters in Environmental Management


Maria Vuorelma: Finland

Maria Vuorelma

Job title: 10:10 Finland team member (we all are ;))

Actual job: part time co-ordinator for the Working Group on Environment and Economy under the Nordic Council of Ministers

10:10er since: October 2010. 10:10 Finland was launched at the start of 2011

How I'm doing 10:10: I'm eating less cheese, biking also during winter and will also stay at friends or couch-surf on worktrips

Favourite 10:10er: Finland's Eurovision contestant, Paradise Oskar!

Guilty pleasure: Skiing (or actually using the lifts - just hiking and skiing is my goal)

Best/worst 10:10 moment: Best – our successful kick off event (check out some awesome pictures from it on our Facebook page). Worst - when it dawned that the film "Recipes for Disaster" had never been picked up by the movie theatre where we were supposed to show it! I was the speaker for the event and had to improvise a discussion with the audience (that went great) while the other 10:10ers tried to come up with a plan B. Luckily we had a copy of "The Age of Stupid" and showed that instead. However, as an apology from the movie theatre, we got to use the same place in May for free,to show the movie that we were supposed to in the first place!