10:10 inspires and supports people and organisations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in a year.

Any individual, family, business or organisation can make the cuts - and by working together we can make a real difference.

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Organizations across the world are rising to the 10:10 challenge and finding innovative ways to cut their carbon.  

We've gathered together some examples, both in-depth and bite-size, to inspire and enthuse you.  So have a browse, and if you are interested in becoming a case study just fill in these case study questions and contact us at [email protected].

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Working as the Information and Resources Co-ordinator for the British Council Trinidad and Tobago, I took on the hefty task of knocking 10% off our emissions in one year. With some big changes, a couple of hiccups, and the co-operation of all those involved, we ended up with something to shout about: a 21% cut in carbon. Maybe it wasn't as hard as I first thought ...


De Gemeente Nijmegen presenteert in haar Duurzaamheidsagenda 2011-2015 een ambitieus energiebeleid voor zowel de gemeentelijke organisatie als de stad Nijmegen. In samenwerking met bedrijven, organisaties en burgers wordt er door de gemeente flink ingezet op energiebesparing en duurzame energie.


An unprecedented coalition came together last year with to reduce the environmental impact of the UK’s favourite summer past time; the great British music festival. And the results from last year have just come in...


To be or not to be - At være eller ikke at være. De fleste danskere ved, at disse linjer er hovedpersonens centrale replik i Shakespeares berømte tragedie Hamlet, som foregår på Kronborg i Helsingør. Lars Romann Engel er direktør og kunstnerisk leder for teatret HamletScenen, som siden 2008 har videreført traditionen med de berømte Shakespeare-opførelser i Kronborgs slotsgård hvert år i august under navnet Shakespeare at Hamlet's Castle. Ifølge ham er Hamlet


Last year, the British Embassy in Beijing signed up to the 10:10 campaign, pledging to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% before May 2011. Today, we are proud to announce that we have surpassed this target by achieving a 48% reduction!


En cohérence avec sa volonté d’agir en entreprise responsable, Auchan est devenu le premier distributeur en France à s’engager officiellement dans la campagne internationale de mobilisation contre le changement climatique : 10 :10. Ce projet est porté en France par la fondation GoodPlanet, présidée par Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Dans ce cadre, Auchan poursuivra des actions visant à réduire de 3% son empreinte carbone en 2011.


Zadar County joined 10:10 in June last year, and they have been keeping busy with some really amazing projects. Already reaching their 10% target within first four months through reducing energy consumption in all institutions founded by Zadar County, they also explored the possibility of using renewable sources of energy.


As Scarborough council's energy manager, it's my job to reduce consumption, so if I'm successful, the council's emissions should follow suit. We've been making a concerted effort to reduce our emissions since we secured Salix funding and signed up to 10:10 in July 2010.


Når man kommer til fods fra Sønderboulevard og man i forårssolen glider ind igennem Elefantporten og begiver sig ned ad Pasteur Allé, bliver man grebet af områdets historiske vingesus, mægtighed og ydmyghed. Det her er en af Danmarks mest kendte arbejdspladser og tidligere bosted for arbejdere på Carlsberg. Her er der knoklet for livet, der var tryk på hverdagen for at overleve, da Carlsberg blev etableret.Området emmer stadig af tryk på, men på en helt anden moderne måde. Det er her Vester Kopi´s trykkeri ligger.

10:10 poster at Hyde Park Corner tube station


Ten of London's biggest underground stations are switching off escalators during off-peak hours and turning off unnecessary lighting... Watch the video here.


ist eine der führenden Online-Partnervermittlungen in Europa und verhilft bereits in 11 Ländern Singles zu einer neuen Liebe. Eine wunderbare und spannende Aufgabe, die aber auch viel Verantwortungsbewusstsein benötigt. Das bezieht sich natürlich in erster Linie auf unsere Mitglieder, bedeutet aber auch, dass wir uns Gedanken machen, wie wir als Unternehmen unserer Verantwortung in Sachen Klimaschutz gerecht werden können.


A ACOESTE está a substituir viagens por video-conferências, a substituir equipamentos antigos por outros mais eficientes e a re-arrumar escritórios para maximizar a luz natural. Leia mais aqui.


Oslo, the first capital to sign up to 10:10, is racing against the clock to phase out oil heating in schools and all other municipal buildings across the city, and turn their sewage into fuel for buses...


Mondial Movers heeft zich als landelijk netwerk van erkende verhuisbedrijven in 2010 aangesloten bij 10:10. Met 28 zelfstandige vestigingen en ruim 600 medewerkers is het een grote speler binnen de Nederlandse transportsector. 10:10 ging in gesprek met algemeen directeur Tom Stuij over de duurzame initiatieven en ambities van Mondial Movers.


En el año 2008 la Embajada Británica en Santiago midió su huella de carbono por primera vez usando el estándar PAS 2050, comenzando así el viaje hacia la disminución de emisiones. Hicimos todos los pasos: la generación de una calculadora de carbono, la creación de un equipo verde, el desarrollo de un plan de acción verde, la verificación de terceros y la evaluación ambiental. Estos fueron puestos en marcha con el fin de garantizar una medición, notificación y verificación correcta de la huella.


Adnams brewery have found a way of storing their beer at the optimum temperature without refrigeration or heating, and are getting ready to produce methane from their spent grain…


A Nomad, agência de viagens aventura e expedições, está a delinear um novo plano de trajectos de vôos que seja mais amigo do ambiente.


At Edinburgh University 20 dedicated volunteers are busy encouraging meat-free diets; funding energy-saving competitions between halls of residence; promoting car sharing; getting students to swap flights for trains; and promoting re-use of household goods at campus "swap shops"...


From all modes of transport, railways are ecologically the most acceptable and sustainable in the long run. Therefore the focus of Croatian Railways’ development politics is achieving high business and social goals, which rest primarily on the principles of sustainable growth and environment protection.


Lam Rim Buddhist Centre, Islamic Aid, London Jewish Community Centre and Reading Quakers are just a sample of the diverse faith groups throwing their energy into the 10:10 challenge.  Find out how...


En samlet besparelse på CO2-forbruget på hele 27 %! Det er, hvad den britiske ambassade i Danmark opnåede sidste år. Viceambassadør Simon Wood fortæller med stolthed og entusiasme om, hvordan ambassadens ansatte gjorde det til et fælles mål at nå op på den 10 % besparelse i 2010, som oprindeligt var målet for 10:10-kampagnen. "Og då vi så var nået derop, gik der sport i det. Man kunne måske have forestillet sig, at når målet var nået, begyndte folk at slappe af. Men det var ikke tilfældet. Tværtimod fik vi mere blod på tanden. Nu gjaldt det om at komme så langt op som muligt".


DIY supply store B&Q has started using double decker delivery trucks as part of its bold plan to slash its carbon footprint by 90% over the next 25 years…


Ericsson Croatia joined our 10:10 community in July 2010. Ericsson Croatia did not work only on lowering their own carbon emissions - they took the whole thing one dimension further. Using their expertise and experiences, they helped the entire healthcare network in Croatia lower their carbon emissions.


Manufacturer Kyocera maximise their use of natural light, use recycled carpets and fixtures around their office and have their coffee grounds turned into compost...


O escritório de advogados Mariana Rufino Teixeira - Advogados irá substituir lâmpadas e baixar a emperatura do aquecimento para cortar os seus 10%.


The largest NHS Trust in the UK are putting on an Oscars-style awards ceremony to celebrate their carbon-cutting success, including the overhaul of their procurement policies which previously accounted for 76% of carbon emissions….  



Microsoft Nederland wil nog voor 2012 30 % minder CO2 uitstoot produceren ten opzichte van hun uitstoot in 2007. Hoe? Onder andere door iets uit te bouwen waar ze al vijf jaar geleden mee begonnen, en wat een heel goede bijwerking bleek te hebben:


The British Council in Switzerland has slashed its travel footprint by only reimbursing travel if one leg of the journey is by train, not plane...


Nu kan vi endelig begynde at se de første små forårstegn, men der skal stadig godt gang i radiatorerne, selv når man husker sweateren og den gode varme kop te. Det er her i vintermånederne, at der virkelig er noget at spare på varmeregnskabet ved at få isoleret boligen - og dermed meget at hente, når man stræber efter at reducere sit CO2-udslip...


The first Norwegian coffee manufacturers to switch from oil to gas for roasting their beans, Friele are still leading the way by recycling over 80% of their waste, and getting to grips with video conferencing...


A LIPOR, Serviço Intermunicipalizado de Gestão de Resíduos, é a entidade responsável pela gestão, valorização e tratamento dos Resíduos Sólidos Urbanos (RSU) produzidos nos oito Municípios seus associados: Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Porto, Póvoa de Varzim, Valongo e Vila do Conde. A LIPOR gere mais de 500.000 toneladas de resíduos por ano, produzidos por cerca de 1.000.000 de habitantes.


The green team at the British embassy in Montevideo knew that 10:10 success would be a challenge. The post had already made substantial energy savings and carbon footprint reductions thanks to the foreign office's previous green initiatives, so 10:10 meant an extra effort from all.


Als 10:10’er wil je de CO2 uitstoot in je huishouding onder controle brengen en verlagen. Voor bedrijven kan 10% uitstoot vermindering een hele opgave zijn maar zeker niet onmogelijk. HENK Grafimedia Center uit Belfeld (Limburg) doet vanaf het begin mee en hoe! Het grafische bedrijf is een echte koploper op het gebied van maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen.


From suspended ceilings to patchwork quilts, from home grown salads to condensing boilers, swap shops to solar panels, the Christians from all walks of life are finding innovative ways to shrink their footprint...


Banking giants First Direct have introduced a smart auto-shut-down programme on all office computers and fitted solar panels.  And they invest the financial savings from these measures into staff incentives for low-carbon behaviour...


A Showz.me, empresa de divulgação cultural, usa apenas luz natural durante o dia e desliga todos os equipamentos durante a noite.


Tottenham Hotspur FC are one of our earliest and best-known signups, and they have been working hard to cut their carbon. We took a camera down to White Hart Lane to find out more...


International Development Charity Tzedek hav
e gone vegetarian for their event-catering, and started using one of the most sustainable printers in the world...


who do you think you are graphic

  • The BBC's Who Do You Think You Are? is the first TV show to go 10:10. Production staff are cutting back on their flights for international episodes, using hybrid cars wherever possible, and sourcing local staff near their filming locations, rather than ferrying them from London.
  • Belgrade City Library is be lowering heating during winter by a few degrees C, unplugging electronic devices at night and on weekends, switching to energy saving light bulbs:  Win, win!
  • Football club Dinamo from Zagreb is using recycled industrial water for watering the field, and less lighting for practices and unofficial games.
  • French printing company Point 44 is promoting paper made from lower carbon biomass-powered paper mills, and recruiting new staff, suppliers and customers within a radius of 40 km of the printing point
  • The Cadwyn Housing Association in Cardiff is encouraging its staff to cycle to work by buying a fleet of bikes.
  • London-based extras casting agency The Casting Collective is now producing half the number of artist catalogues it once did, replacing them with an online version and using a carbon-neutral courier service.
  • Textile Manufacturer L'agence de Fab is giving used printed textiles (eg. ex-display) a new lease of life - as handbags or fashion accessories - and switching to solvent-free inks.
  • National Museum of Serbia is starting with simple yet efficient re-use of cardbord boxes they use for storage, altering their heating system schedule for winter, and place campaign posters and flyers near the ticket booth.
  • Web-based supermarket Ocado’s team of 40 eco volunteers is making sure the entire business is as sustainable as possible. The company no longer uses disposable cups and cutlery in its canteens, saving around 100,000 plastic cups from landfill each year.
  • Network technology provider, Cisco, offers employers a financial reward for driving in efficient cars, has installed automated lighting in some parts of the building, and is introducing innovative tele-conference technology to reduce the need for air travel.
  • Newquay Zoo is using thermal imaging technology to highlight energy use in its animal enclosures and has begun to generate its own energy through renewable technologies like solar power.  
  • The Center for Peace and Democracy Development in Belgrade has stopped buying out-of-season fruit for the office, introduce recycling boxes, and install energy saving light bulbs!
  • The Johnson Arms, Nottingham, is enjoying slashed heating bills after replacing its 35-year-old boiler. Not only is it saving on CO2 emissions, but it’s cheaper to run and better at keeping the regulars toasty!
  • Pula, the largest city in Istria County, Croatia, has started cutting carbon by losing 15 minutes of street-lighting at the beginning and end of each day, and they have started providing citizens with free garbage bags in different colors, to make recycling that bit easier.
  • Car-pool and eco-mobility promoters RoulezMalin have introduced electricallyassisted bicycles for short staff journeys.
  • Belgrade’s Museum of Contemporary Art is persuading its employers to take the tram to work.
  • Environmental regeneration charity Groundwork London is giving a retired milk float a second lease of life as their first electric vehicle.
  • Kirklees Active Leisure is replacing the lighting in its fitness suite with LED lights. This will reduce not just the energy use of the lights but also that of the air conditioning system as it will no longer have to battle the heat produced by the old bulbs.
  • As part of a long list of initiatives, Microsoft staff in Reading are only able to print documents when they’re standing next to a printer.
  • At The National Magazine Company staff put food scraps, fruit peelings and coffee grounds into kitchen caddies and the contents are turned into compost for their roof garden.
  • Honeybuns bakery in Dorset has worked reducing its emissions into its business plan for the next five years. Its employees are invited to come forward with ‘BeeGreen’ ideas to use within the company, with a cash prize is given for the best one each month.
  • The New Local Government Network is promoting ‘Printer Awareness Fridays’ among staff.
  • Oxford University has developed a 10:10 toolkit providing practical energy-saving tips to staff and students in order to help their 184 departments meet the 10% target.
  • The Little Dragon steam train, owned by the Shearman family of Orkney, is now running on compressed sawdust and waste wood rather than coal, slashing its CO2 emissions – not bad for a 150-year-old chugger!
  • City University in London has pledged a 15% cut in emissions and want to save 1,000 tonnes of carbon a year with a new combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) plant.
  • Street band The Peace Artistes from Ilkley, West Yorkshire, are wearing thicker jumpers so they can turn their heating down!
  • Scarily talented pupils at Barking Abbey School in east London have made a fantastic 10:10 music video called Cut It. The rap is a must-see. Watch it here.
  • Argyle Primary Schoolin Camden has appointed students as ‘Power Rangers’ to make sure lights and equipment is switched off when it’s not being used.
  • Green service provider Eaga is renewing its fleet of 1,700 vans to take advantage of the more efficient euroV engine technology.
  • Dartpoint Ltdin Lydd has installed solar-powered hot water for hand washing in its factory.
  • Eric Parry Architects in east London is switching changing electricity and courier providers to companies “who care about and monitor their carbon output”.
  • Southwark Playhouse is now lighting its productions with LED lighting where possible.
  • The Green Light Trust in Lawshallis cutting down the numbers of hours that its wood chip boiler is used to heat the building.
  • The Phoenix Centre in Sandwich has installed air source heatpumps and waterless urinals saving on both gas and water.
  • The Monk's Haven café in North Yorkshire is reducing energy consumption by turning appliances on later in the day and off earlier, according to demand.
  • Energy management system provider ADAM in Stockport is having its converted church office building fitted with state-of-the-art insulation.
  • Berkshire Labels is pioneering ‘The Green Mile’. Staff are being paid an extra pound for every day they leave their car at home and walk, cycle or use public transport.
  • Daily Bread, a sandwich and snack producer in Luton, has fitted all its computers with timer switches to reduce energy use.
  • Andrew Mulroy Architects Ltd in north London has installed photovoltaic panels to generate electricity on site.
  • John Masefield High School in Ledbury is displaying its electricity and gas usage on its intranet to encourage savings among staff.
  • In Manchester, taxi firm Mr Blackcab is having a competition amongst drivers to see who can drive most efficiently.