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Bangladesh is part of the 10:10 Global campaign to reduce our carbon emissions by 10%, starting in 2010. It is one of the many countries that are affected by climate change. We may only contribute 0.1% of the global emissions but incidents like Cyclone SIDR and AILA are clear examples of how climate change has affected us.

The major effects are already felt such as floods, soil erosion, increased in water salinity, stronger storms, and rise in sea level having caused people in the coastal regions to move out and the shift in the seasons are just a few to name. 
Nevertheless we at 10:10 Bangladesh believe that if we work together, we will be able to tackle climate change by adapting and mitigating to the affects of the changing climate.
10:10 Bangladesh
TERM Magazine’s, parent company, Bangladesh Information Gateway Limited (BIG) promotes the use of solar lamps as a replacement for the regular kerosene lamps still used as a means of lighting in many places in Bangladesh. As kerosene lamps are known to emit about 250 kg of CO2 per year, a country with a population of about 15crore people, almost 65% of the population still uses kerosene lamps.  
By pledging to cut your emissions by 10% this year, you are joining thousands of other people, business and organizations around the world. Your actions will make a difference because they are part of a global effort. As 10:10’s founder Franny Armstrong has said, “Enough protest marches, enough banners, enough websites. Let’s roll up our sleeves and start solving the problem all together.”
10:10 is a simple idea with simple steps. Learn more, join us, spread the word, and start cutting your carbon.

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