posted by Sandra Antonovic


Hello, dearest 10:10ers!

Long time no see...:) But we were not sitting idle - we have so many new things to share with you in the upcoming weeks!

Today though we would like to tell you how we spent the 10:10:11. Last year we had an amazing set of events, mostly focusing on tree planting, but also on yummy low carbon meals, composting, recycling and many more other inspiring 10:10 actions. Check out our last year's photo stream here.

This year we've had a whole week of amazing events, raising awareness on low carbon travel and transport, focusing on carbon reduction in urban areas.

At the end of September we've had two cycling rallies - one to raise awareness about the importance of allowing cyclists to be equal participants in daily traffic, and another to mark European Mobility Week, Car Free Day and Moving Planet day.

Very few cities in the countries our hub is active in have marked lanes for cyclists, and with these two rallies we gained a lot of attention about the importance of using low carbon transport options. Getting through to city councils and local governments may not be easy, but we were thrilled that so many people showed up, showing their positive attitude and very mush aware of the issues we are facing in terms of climate change and pollution caused by GHG emissions, particularly in large urban areas.

During 10:10:11 weekend (October 8th - October 10th) several thousand people took part in three low carbon marathons organized by one of the biggest daily papers in Croatia, our hub and many more sports and environmental activists and entities.

Pedestrians (or should we say runners) took over the streets in Zagreb during those days, sharing their energy with fellow citizens, showing that we do not need to engage in high emission activities to have fun, to be with friends and peers and to feel good about ourselves.

Our longtime partner, Croatian Railways helped us spread the word by sharing 10:10 checklist and badges in the hall of the Zagreb Central Station.

Thanks are due also to over 30 volunteers from Zagreb Volunteer Center who helped us over the 10:10:11 weekend - we couldn't have done it without all of them!